Hi, I’m Marc Canellas.

I’m a defender, technologist, and policy wonk.

I defend people from our society’s messed up legal and political systems and use my technical and policy expertise to fight against the science and technology supercharging injustice.

I’ve fought in Atlanta, the halls of Congress, Harlem, the Southern District of New York, and this summer, I’ll be in the Bronx.

I’m a 2L at NYU School of Law, a fellow of the Jacobson Leadership Program in Law and Business Program, a Cybersecurity Service Scholar, a legal intern with the Federal Defenders of New York, Southern District, the Vice-Chair of IEEE-USA’s AI Policy Committee, and the Vice President of Rights over Tech.

Before law school, I was a Congressional staffer working on issues ranging from space, science, and AI, to justice, surveillance, and immigration.

And before that I was an aerospace and cognitive engineering Ph.D. at Georgia Tech.

 I write, speak, and even tweet from time to time.

Latest news!
  • Completed my summer as a legal intern with the Family Defense Practice at the Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem. [8/19]
  • Spoke on “Automation, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work” at the Texas AFL-CIO’s 60th Constitutional Convention. [7/19]
  • Represented Rights over Tech, a new NYU Law student group that I helped found at the NYU Law & Tech meeting: “A Golden Age of Legal Innovation: Navigational Advice for Law Students, Young Lawyers, and Other Explorers.” [4/19]
  • Spoke on “Autonomous Systems and Domestic Security” at Penn State’s Center for Security Research and Education and their Journal of Law and International Affairs Symposium, “Security and the Autonomous Future.” [4/18]
  • Authored a Slate piece on usability-security vulnerabilities in voting machines. [11/18]
Slightly older news