governing human-automation interaction

Robots, connected devices, and autonomous systems are becoming ubiquitous in our society. The fundamental question is: how should the interaction between humans and these systems be governed? This question touches on safety, privacy, security, and personal and collective freedoms. I am working to leverage my background in cognitive engineering to develop effective laws and policies balancing technological innovation with our morals and ethics.

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Toward Meaningful Human Control of Autonomous Weapons Systems through Function Allocation, with R. Haga. IEEE International Symposium on Technology and Society. (2015) Also available at SSRN.

decision making with incomplete information

People are often required to make accurate decisions regardless of the quality or quantity of information available. My work leverages mathematical, computational, and human-subject studies to develop new understandings of human decision making performance with incomplete information, and the foundations for decision support in degraded and denied information environments.

Heuristic Information Acquisition and Restriction for Decision Support, with K. Feigh. IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems. (2017)

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